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Fairgrounds – You made an impact! Thank You!

Thank you everyone for your tremendous support with sending emails, letters, social media postings as well as attending the Board of Supervisors Meeting last Tuesday.  The attendance at the meeting was fantastic and youth in attendance made the largest impact!  Below are a few of the Board of Supervisors comments captured during the meeting:
Cindy Chavez ” . . .Thank you all for turning out today. Thank you to all of the extremely poised youth who spoke.”
Mike Wasserman “Young people were the best part of the meeting. They were so articulate, intelligent, and respectful. It taught me a lot.” And, he added, “Fair- Yes. . . I’m not in favor of moving the FAIR . . .”
Ken Yeager  “Keep the Fair at the Fairgrounds . . . let’s integrate it into the 150 acre plan.”

Dave Cortese “We have extraordinary, articulate young people, and leadership within this county . . we want proposers to help us think about space better and we have to have sustainability . . .”

Joe Simitian “Give those students extra credit for coming today. I am abstaining from voting on the Fairgrounds. It’s not that I have a lack of enthusiasm for the Fair, I need to see how to make it work for the long haul. I’ve seen the Fairgrounds struggling . . . economics are important.”
What was your impact to the Board of Supervisors’?
  • 100’s of emails were sent and they have been acknowledged
  • “The Fair needs to stay put and the Fairgrounds needs to remain intact.”
  • The Board of Supervisor’s Chamber was packed with 75 youth and adults who spoke at the microphone for nearly 2 hours.  Over three hours were spent discussing the Fairgrounds and Fair.
You can view the public speakers like the one below by selecting here!

As a result of your comments what did they Board of Supervisors discuss?

  • Acknowledged the Fairgrounds serve a diverse community as a unique gathering place
  • More focus on a lengthy period of public input in large community forums.
  • Suggested holding community meetings where people at tables of 10 gave input on the layout.
  • Discussed not starting from scratch and did not want to negatively impact existing buildings
  • More than 30 acres is needed for a Fair, including parking, the midway, plus storage
What is next?
Full steam ahead . . . This year’s Fair slogan – Science, Technology, Agriculture/Arts and Math

  • This is just the beginning and there is a lot of work ahead
  • Press your Supervisor for bottoms-up, community planning, not the top-down approach by the consultant
  • Attend public community input meetings and bring others
  • Stay in touch with your Supervisor – keep the Fair and Fairgrounds top of mind
  • Watch for additional communications for future public input meetings
  • Spread this message via social media and encourage them register for our email bySelecting Here!
  •  Think big picture, include The Fair, but think creatively about best year round use of Fairgrounds
  • We can build this Fairgrounds for the 22nd Century – Join us!
At the end of this email is a response email from Cindy Chavez, Supervisor, District 2.  She sent this out to those that have emailed her regarding the Fair and Fairgrounds.
Thanks again for your help and we will continue to keep you informed and updated on opportunities to provide input and volunteer.
David Peck & Board
The Clover Foundation of Santa Clara County
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A letter I received from Supervisor Cindy Chavez from District 2:
Thank you for emailing me with your thoughts on the future of the County Fairgrounds.
At Tuesday’s meeting of the Board of Supervisors, the Board considered this topic for over three hours.  We heard from over sixty members of the public and received hundreds of emails and calls.  Every Board Member especially appreciated hearing from the scores of passionate and articulate youth in attendance, who were primarily advocating for the continuation of FFA and 4H activities at the Fair.
At the end, the majority of the Board voted to continue our process to improve and enliven the Fairgrounds by seeking the formal presentation of ideas (called Requests for Qualifications).  We are also looking for ideas on how to improve the Fairgrounds facilities and ideas on how to pay for that.
The Board has voted to seek ideas that will develop the entire Fairgrounds into a grand public space that can house year-round events, recreation and open space for the community.  We will not sell the Fairgrounds – it will remain in public ownership.
We are hoping that this RFQ process will attract the best ideas that our team can mold into a final plan for the Board to consider late in 2016.  We are hoping that there will be proposals for many community amenities and attractions that can complement the Fair and each other by sharing parking, storage and flex space.
We are Master Planning the Fairgrounds transparently and publicly   This is taking some time, but I ask for patience because we are seeking to get it right and in plain sight.  Our public outreach in 2014-15 included three community meetings at the Fairgrounds and a fourth earlier this month that was specifically requested by the Board of Supervisors ourselves.  Our consultants also gathered public opinion at several community kiosks throughout the County and set up an on-line survey.  This process collected over 5,000 individual opinions from the public.  The Board of Supervisors has discussed the Fairground Master Planning during our open and public meetings on February 24, September 29 and December 15, 2015 and January 26, 2016.
The next step will occur when our County staff and consultants returns to the Board of Supervisors in March for approval of the actual RFQs to be issued.  At Tuesday’s Board meeting, the Board insisted on additional community meetings before that Board meeting.  I encourage you to continue to participate in this process.  You can see all of the materials provided to the Board at our previous meetings (and even watch the videos of the meetings themselves) at  You can keep current on the Master Planning process by visiting our website at There is an especially rich treasure trove of studies and reports on the Fairgrounds at
Again, thank you for emailing me, and I appreciate your continued involvement.
Be well,
Cindy Chavez
Supervisor, District 2

Support the Fair and Fairgrounds on January 26th!


It took 75 years to build a tradition at the Fairgrounds.  It will take one, three-minute vote by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors to destroy it!  That is what is at stake January 26th!


There has never been a more critical time for community action to save an American tradition and heritage of the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.  The county has put very little infrastructure support into the Fair and Fairgrounds since 1980 and only torn down buildings with promise to rebuild.  Other counties nearby have strong Fairs and Fairground use and have kept pace with the changing use and communities around them.  Now is the time to refurbish, rebuild and reconnect our community in Santa Clara County and you can assure this happens.  This community asset and heritage has the possibility to become a world-class facility and showcase the diverse Silicon Valley.  Do not miss this critical time to voice your passion for the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds and Fair.



  • The opportunity and location for a Fairgrounds is permanently gone
  • Another piece of the county heritage is lost
  • The Fairgrounds are completely demolished
  • Young agricultural scientists will not be able to quality for STATE FAIR
  • Youth Agriculture programs will weaken and eventually fail (enrollment and fair attendance is up)
  • TET Festival, outdoor music events like Island Reggae Festival held on the “Beach” and many more events will be forced to look outside the county
  • 100,000 people will need new sites to run their 5k community events (5-6 per year here)
  • Local non-profits & schools fundraising programs will be forced into more expensive venues with less space and outdoor access
  • Moving the fairgrounds won’t happen – cost prohibitive for land, infrastructure and buildings and it would never pass environmental impact studies


What can YOU do to help:

  1. Attend Tuesday, January 26th Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting. Our item is #19 on the agenda (click on agenda for 271MB document) and estimate time between 10:00am and 11:00am.
  2. Bring a placard or poster that says “Do Not Demolish My Fairgrounds”
  3. At the meeting submit a slip to speak 1-2 min max.  Be prepared and practice.
  4. Be vocal and spread the news about this critical meeting through your social contacts and media.  Your voice must be heard and more community input is needed! – They want transparency and public input.
  5. Reach out to your supervisor!  Go to and locate your supervisors and send them a message.  Let them know you support keeping the Fairgrounds and Fair at its current location and to preserve and improve at least 90 acres for Fairgrounds operations and community events throughout the year.  Let them know your passion.


Some key points from previous presentations and discussions:

  • Any proposal needs to feature much more than 30 acres and optimum is 90 acres for the Event Center/Fairgrounds/Fair.  Less than 90 is possible if some parking sharing was involved
  • The January 7, 2016 presentation was unrealistic in basic space needs for an Event Center and was lacking basic needs such as parking, attached open space for large gatherings, carnival placement, and RV parking for events.  For the best & highest use of this property – use 90 acres for Community Event Center/Fairgrounds
  • Yes, steps have been taken to become more relevant with events.  Example:  2016 Fair Theme of Full STEAM Ahead is focusing on science, technology, engineering, arts, agriculture and mathematics.
  • The Fairgrounds Management Corporation (FMC) has made a profit for the last two years with no funding from the Supervisors.
  • Right when Urban farming/farm to table/nutrition are ramping up, why get rid of fairgrounds
  • This county’s Event Center/Fairgrounds should not bethe smallest in the SF Bay Area.
  • It’s time to rebuild as a County Silicon Valley Event Center/Fairgrounds
  • Fairgrounds Event Center provides a taste of the county, local food, farm to table experience.
  • It needs to stay where it is – All other venues are miles away from the center of the population.  The cost to move is prohibitive due to land, infrastructure and centralized location.
  • Why displaced a community usage facility that is still actively utilized when the current facility could be upgraded with modernized restroom facilities, fresh painting, landscaping, resurfacing the floors, drop ceiling and other amenities for a 10th of the cost of relocating the fair grounds.
  • With community support you can create a legacy asset with funding from Santa Clara County Companies and individuals with similar passion for a world-class showcase property.
  • Youth voice – Adults are taking away our fairgrounds and selling out our future for us and the next generation of youth behind us. The next generation of youth will never experience a fair.
  • IF “No Event Center” we lose a uniquely American tradition and experience
  • Fairgrounds and Fair serves the whole community, not just athletes
  • Where is the huge transparent public input series akin to Martial Cottle Park?
  • No confidence supervisors or staff have found the right vision for 150 community acres
  • No confidence vote community public input has been sought out
  • Public input and transparency like Martial Cottle Park’s effort – Authentically follow the process
  • Replacing the fairgrounds for another “recreational use” would be costly and not have a huge benefit/use.  Better to keep the fairgrounds with all of it’s proven benefits and supplement it with other uses
  • Santa Clara County has a broader and deeper agricultural heritage that deserves a showcase like the fairgrounds that is a least as big as San Mateo’s
  • County consultants study stated an “urban fairgrounds” needs about 60 acres to provide all of the space needed to run a County Fair.(page 114under Sect 1.2)
  • The fairgrounds could co-exist with any future use the Board of Supervisors deems appropriate for the remaining parcel of land
  • If this is truly to become a “community gathering place,” (Glen Williams) we need to look beyond just revenue generating proposals.  Supervisor Wasserman stated at a recent board meeting “maybe this is a place that does not necessarily produce revenue, like libraries.”
  • If this is truly to become a “community gathering place,” (Glen Williams) we need to look beyond just revenue generating proposals.  Supervisor Wasserman said at one board meeting that “maybe this is a place that does not necessarily produce revenue, like libraries.”
  • The Master Plan states that funds from future leases would go to the fairgrounds or other needed programs.  When they did lease Fairgrounds land, the revenue did not come back to the fairgrounds to help maintain and/or update the facilities.
  • Fairground Acreage – Start Large – once you down size the fairgrounds there is no going back.  Make it too small it can’t be fixed.  If design slightly too big, then no harm done.
  • Keep it as an event center and not a park.  County Parks have many restrictions and limited hours
  • Replacing buildings will cost millions of dollars more than rehabbing existing facilities
  • Every building constructed on the Fairgrounds was built by state funding at no cost to the county.
  • It is time to rebuild a wonderful public asset and seek outside sponsorships to fund various upgrades needed to sustain the quality of the grounds. The Fairgrounds Heritage Foundation has been set up for such purposes. Let’s see what they can accomplish in soliciting large contributions from business, philanthropies and high net worth individuals and bringing back a community vision. This can only be accomplished with long term commitment.

January 26th Board of Supervisors Meeting Information:

The Office of the County Executive of Santa Clara County will be presenting their master planning update for the future of the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds Property Tuesday January 26th, 2016 in the Board’s Chambers at 70 West Hedding St., San Jose, CA 95110. The meeting will start at 9am, but agenda has yet to be published with docket number, providing a better estimate for discussion time.


Again, it’s imperative we get as much community attendance for this critical public discussion and presentation. You will have 2 minutes to address the Board of Supervisors prior to the discussion to provide input.  As you have heard, the proposed plans may or may not keep the Fairgrounds. It is vital that you and your family and friends attend this meeting and show your support for the fair.


If you can not attend in person, you can view the meeting on-line at:


Again, email and/or call your supervisor and let your opinion be heard.

“Who is my supervisor?” =

408 299-5001 to call and leave a message

District 1 Supervisor Mike Wasserman

District 2 Supervisor Cindy Chavez

District 3  Supervisor Dave Cortese

District 4 Supervisor Ken Yeager

District 5 Supervisor Joe Simitian


In addition, a public discussion will be held at the offices of SPUR in downtown San Jose, at 76 South First St. at 6:00 PM on January 27, 2016, to which you are also all invited to participate. It you are not a SPUR member, there is at $10 charge.

Future of Santa Clara County Fairgrounds Meeting – January 7th, 7PM

Friends of the Fair and Fairgrounds,


The Office of the County Executive of Santa Clara County is presenting their master planning update for the future of the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds Property this Thursday, January 7th, 2016 at 7pm, Fiesta Hall Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.  It’s imperative we get as much community attendance for this critical public discussion and presentation.  As you will read below, this plan may or may not keep the Fair at the Fairground location. It is vital that you and your family and friends attend this meeting and provide input and ask questions.


Please forward this email to others whom you believe would like to know about this meeting and attend by selecting the “Forward this email” link below!


The public input and recommendation from this meeting will be presented to the Board of Supervisors for their discussion at their regularly scheduled meeting on January 26, 2016 in the Board’s chambers at 70 West Hedding St., San Jose, CA 95110. The public is invited to attend in person or watch on-line at addition, a public discussion will be held at the offices of SPUR in downtown San Jose, at 76 South First St. at 6:00 PM on January 27, 2016, to which you are also all invited to participate.


Please see the January 7th detailed meeting logistics that were sent out below:




From: Williams, Glen <>
Date: Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 3:05 PM
Subject: County Fairgrounds Master-planning Update – This Week –Thursday, January 7, 2016 at 7:00 PM
To: “Williams, Glen” <>This is just a reminder that this Thursday evening, Santa Clara County will hold a public meeting at Fiesta Hall at the County Fairgrounds to discuss the most recent information regarding master-planning the Fairgrounds as well as solicit additional public input. The meeting is scheduled to start at 7:00 PM. The main gate will be open at 344 Tully Road and there should be signs directing you to Fiesta Hall and adjacent parking.

Fiesta Hall is the building south of the Fair Downs/Bingo games buildings. The parking lot through Gate C off Old Tully Road will also be open for Bingo, and may be convenient access. If you so choose, park at the rear of the lot and the building on your left is Fiesta Hall. It is up a slight grade and there is no sidewalk there, so if that is not comfortable for you, please enter through the main gate and follow the signs.

For your convenience, I am repeating below the information that was sent to you last week announcing the meeting. We look forward to seeing you Thursday.

Happy Holidays! We hope you can join us next week for a discussion of the proposed next steps planning out the future of the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. The community is invited to a January 7 public discussion and presentation on planning the future of the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, prior to the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors discussion at its January 26, 2016 meeting.

The County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors has proposed creating a landmark community gathering space at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds 150-acre site; half would be dedicated to Public Park and open space, and half would be active recreational community uses, with or without approximately 30 acres being reserved for Fairgrounds operations. The C. H. Johnson consulting team has helped County staff draft a formal process for inviting proposers to submit their interest in helping the County implement the Board’s vision. Advance rough drafts of materials to be presented to the Board of Supervisors will be among the subjects for discussion and community input.

Translation services can be made available in Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese. If needed, please request translation services no later than January 5, 2016, by calling or leaving a message at (408) 299-5164.

County of Santa Clara Asset & Economic Development Representatives
County of Santa Clara Facilities and Fleet Representatives
Santa Clara County Residents

January 7, 2016, 7:00 p.m.

Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, Fiesta Hall, 344 Tully Rd, San Jose, CA 95111

This meeting is part of the Board of Supervisors’ ongoing effort to ensure that the planning process for the Fairgrounds future is both inclusive and transparent. Since October 2014, the County has gathered feedback and ideas from the community and the various stakeholders, interviewed individuals and organizations who have brought forward early proposals for some portion of the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, completed an existing conditions report on the facilities, and evaluated the operations of the current Fairgrounds. It also conducted market assessment of support for various uses at the Fairgrounds, which was outlined in the “Santa Clara County Fairgrounds: Market Opportunities Draft Final Report.”

Over the past year, community members have had multiple opportunities to share their ideas and suggestions, review preliminary assessment reports, and discuss potential uses for the site. To date, the multi-lingual community outreach for the project has included a combination of community booths at regional events, a community workshop, stakeholder meetings, and a multi-lingual online survey. More than 2,700 people have participated in person and over 2,800 have taken the on-line survey.

The answers and recommendations of the consultants will be presented to the Board of Supervisors for their discussion at their regularly scheduled meeting on January 26, 2016 in the Board’s chambers at 70 West Hedding St., San Jose, CA 95110. The public is invited to attend or watch the meeting live, on-line, at In addition, a public discussion will be held at the offices of SPUR in downtown San Jose, at 76 South First St. at6:00 PM on January 27, 2016, to which you are also all invited to participate.

I look forward to seeing you at the public discussion on January 7, 2016. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this e-mail and I will respond. You are also welcome to contact me at the numbers below. If you wish to have your name removed from this list and no longer receive updates on the Fairgrounds master-planning effort, simply hit “Reply” to this e-mail and type the words “REMOVE ME” in the subject line.

Glen Williams
Asset Development Manager
County of Santa Clara
Office of the County Executive
70 W. Hedding St., East Wing, 11th Floor
San Jose, CA 95110

(office) 408-299-5164
(cell) 310-266-3338
We certainly hope you can attend and provide your input on this valuable community asset.  Bring your friends!


The Clover Foundation of Santa Clara County

Date Set for 2016 Ag Gala – April 30th!

DSC_0200The Clover Foundation Youth Ag Gala & Auction date is April 30th!

Bring a friend or bring a whole table of friends to support youth agricultural education and access to livestock project management in Santa Clara County. This is a great opportunity to mingle with old friends, make some new friends, bid on unique auction items, and listen to or dance to some good live band music. Event will have no host bar with wine, beer, and cocktails.

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to popular demand the Casino Games have been brought back!


To buy event tickets online, please select Get My Tickets!

If you can’t attend, but would like to make a donation, please Select Donate! 

Last year, your attendance helped us give $55,800 to local 4-H and FFA youth in three ways:

  • College Scholarships – given to 4-H and FFA graduating seniors
  • Livestock Purchase Loans – make zero interest livestock loans accessible to all youth
  • Santa Clara County Youth Fair – keep the 4-day fair tradition going!

2014 Group shot Scholorship crop

Current Venue:

Join Us on  April 30th, 2016 – 6:00pm – 11:00pm!

6:00pm Doors open – Expo Hall, Tully Road, Santa Clara County Fairgrounds

View the display boards, Scope out Silent and Live Auction items

See updates on Fairground evolution plans

Learn about the Heritage Foundation, Fair planning, and the Livestock Auction

7:00pm BBQ Dinner served

  • Awards & Recognition
  • Live Auction

Followed by ….

  • Bucking Bull Contest  cancelled; vendor lacked adequate insurance
  • Karaoke
  • Live Music by Country Cougars

Country Cougars

  • Casino Games (21 & over)
  • Bingo (18 & over)
  • Silent Auction Bidding
  • Announcement of Silent Auction Winners

By 10:00pm all auction items paid for and secured

We are also looking for auction items and travel destination donations, so if you have an item of value or a vacation home to donate, please contact us at

We look forward to seeing you at the next 2016 Clover Foundation Youth Ag Gala & Auction!

2014 Scholarship Winners Announced!

2014 Group shot Scholorship crop

  Congratulations to Our 2014 Scholarship Winners:

                        • Melissa Robell, Scholarship Winner
                        • Taylor Walters, Scholarship Winner
                        • William Green, Runner-up
                        • JuliannaLydon, Runner-up
                        • Austin Heiser,
                        •  Runner-up
                        • Angelica Rodriguez, Runner-up
                        • Erinne Contival, Gold
                        • Evelyn Rumsby, Gold
                        • Bailey Ulloa Conley, Bronze
                        • Joyanna Longoria, Bronze
                        • Monica Topete, Bronze
                        • Sierra Stormo, Bronze

“The Clover Foundation of Santa Clara County is extremely pleased to give 12 graduating 4-H and FFA high school seniors academic scholarships to support their educational goals. The 12 received scholarships because of their contributions to the community, to their own development, and to the development of others. Nearly $14,000 in scholarships were presented with the help of a generous $5000 grant from the East Bay Community Foundation, and through the generosity of business and individual donations to the Clover Foundation.

The East Bay Community Foundation ( transforms lives by harnessing financial capital, leadership and philanthropic expertise through the power of many: partnerships with individual donors, business, government, and private foundations.  The Foundation is especially dedicated to advancing economic opportunity for those in need and the education that leads to it.  As a leading resource on charitable giving and community needs, the Foundation manages more than 500 charitable funds and endowments.

More than twice the number of scholarships were presented to a deserving group of FFA and 4-H members at the August 2, 2014, Santa Clara County Fair ceremony.  To be eligible for the Scholarships, applicants must be:

•           Active members of a Santa Clara County youth agriculture organization

•           Residents of Santa Clara County

•           Seniors graduating from high school during the award year

Preference is given to youth in an agriculturally focused youth programs, or pursuing a career in agriculture.

Congratulations to each of the FFA and 4-H scholarship winners for their dedication, leadership, and community involvement. The Clover Foundation of Santa Clara County wishes each recipient the best in the pursuit of their academic, career, and life goals.

Donate now to help the Clover Foundation give outstanding FFA and 4-H youth scholarships in 2015 to support youth pursuing a college degree. Thank you to everyone, including the East Bay Community Foundation for making this scholarship program a reality.”

Jane Garrod 1918 – 2014

It’s with a heavy heart that we post the passing of Jane Garrod, one of the founders of The Clover Foundation of Santa Clara County. Jane helped build this foundation with a team of like-minded, community leaders who’s main goal was to preserve the tradition of youth agriculture education for future generations. Jane served on the board until her retirement last year at the age of 94, completing 34 years of dedicated service.  Her sense of humor, passion for agriculture, and her commitment to leave things better than she found them will be well-remembered. Jane’s tenacity to ask the hard questions and her support of youth leadership development made this foundation what it is today. She will be missed, but a part of her will always live on in the spirit of The Clover Foundation, the college scholarships given, and the support we provide to 4-H and FFA youth participating in agriculture education in the Silicon Valley.

2014 Scholarship Awards Ceremony

2014 Scholarship Awards Ceremony – On Saturday, August 2nd at the Santa Clara County Fair, The Clover Foundation of Santa Clara County will be awarding over $13,000 in Scholarships.  We look forward to announcing our winners at 7pm at the stage outside Expo Hall.  Come out and see the fair and this amazing next generation of youth!

2014 Youth Ag Gala

The 2014 Clover Foundation main event, the Youth Ag Gala, brought together over 250 supports of the Clover Foundation of Santa Clara County on April 26, 2014, and raised over $18.000. A lively auctioneer raised the friendly competition among bidders for items in the live auction and attendees enjoyed a silent auction, BBQ dinner, casino night, and great conversations with new and old friends. This year, the following families and individuals were recognized for going above and beyond with their support of the youth agriculture in Santa Clara County with these awards:

The Stan Alger Family2014 Youth Agriculture Family Philanthropy Award
KFC FranchiseDawn, Kim Cook of Morgan Hill2014 Youth Agriculture Business Philanthropy Award
Joe Martin, Sobrato High School Ag Education Faculty, 2014 Youth Agriculture Mentor Award

Proceeds from this event are used to support the Santa Clara County Youth Fair, no longer supported by any local, state, or federal funds, as well as funding other 4-H and FFA youth agriculture related events, scholarships, livestock loans, and projects.
Your feedback about our events is important. If you have suggestions to improve the Youth Ag Gala please email them to: .

2013 Scholarship Awards Winners!

2013 brought some of the top scholarship applicants we have seen for the Clover Foundation of Santa Clara County Scholarship!  We awarded over $4,250 and the awards were announced at the 2013 Youth Fair on Saturday, August 3rd.  Selection was based on:

  • Being an active member of a Santa Clara County youth agriculture organization and resident of Santa Clara County.
  • Graduate from high school in award calendar year.
  • Candidates with experience in an agriculturally focused youth program, or pursuing a career in agriculture, will be given preference.

We are proud to post this years winners of The 2013 Clover Foundation of Santa Clara County Scholarship.  They are:

Steven Baird – Winner

  • Clayton Carlson – Runner Up
  • Kenny McDevitt – First Alternate
  • Haley Gause – Bronze Winner
  • Sabrina Rice – Bronze Winner

They are to be commended on their achievements in both FFA and 4H along will their community involvement.   The Clover Foundation of Santa Clara County wishes you all the best in your pursuit of higher education and your future career.


2012 Scholarship Awards Winners!

Alex Schord receiving his 2012 Scholarship Award at the Santa Clara County Fair.

2012 had fewer applicants but was an exceptional year with high caliber scholarship applications.  Over $2,200 was awarded at the awards ceremony held at the 2012 Youth Fair on Saturday, August 4th.  Selection was based on:

  • Being an active member of a Santa Clara County youth organization and resident of Santa Clara County.
  • Graduate from high school in award calendar year.
  • Candidates with experience in an agriculturally focused youth program, or pursuing a career in agriculture, will be given preference.

We are proud to post this years winners of The 2012 Clover Foundation of Santa Clara County Scholarship.  They are:

  • Danielle Budde – Winner
  • Alex Schord – Runner Up
  • Abrianna Robles –  Alternate

We wish them all best of luck in their higher education endeavors.